Evenings Learning English

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, a group of moms and dads – Fabiola, Karina, Marta, Olga, Selma, Bijoux, and Samba – gather to learn English in the Academy of World Languages (AWL) school library in Cincinnati. They are parents of AWL students, who are learning English themselves through their school curriculum. The parents at the English class on Tuesday and Wednesday nights come from diverse countries around the globe: Mexico, Guatemala, Mauritania, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mali.

The parents’ journeys to Cincinnati are as diverse as their home countries, and many of them were very difficult journeys. One parent had to ride in the trunk of a car to come here. We wanted to understand what they like (and perhaps what they do not like) about Cincinnati as compared to their home countries and why they wanted to learn English.

What do you like about Cincinnati?

“I grew up in a village. Before coming to Cincinnati, I lived 4 years in New York in the Bronx. When I lived there, I worked at a car wash 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 3 dollars an hour. I did this for 7 months and almost returned to my home country. Continue reading “Evenings Learning English”